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Austin Healey MKIIa  1963

This car is in a very good condition. It has a black mohair hood, a black everflex tonneaucover and a red everflex hoodcover. The bucket seats are made specially for this car (the original seats are included). The engine, gearbox and overdrive have recently been reconditioned. This car is equipped with a double braking system. This car has bee originally delivered to Germany, hence the double lamps and the steering-lock.


MG MGB  1975

Nice, good driving car. Original Dutch car, rubber bumper converted to chrome bumper.


Austin Healey MKIIa  1962

Nice, good driving car. Leather seats, black everflex hood and black everflex tonneau-cover.


Austin Healey MKIII  1965  1965

This car is equipped with a collapsable steering column, a double braking system, 3 Webers, OMP 4 point seat belts and a GTI Rally Twin.


Austin Healey MKII 1962

This car has been modified to a rally car, it is equipped with a collapsable steering column, double braking system, rear disc brakes, rollbar, limited slip differential, bucketseats, 4 point seatbelts, hardtop etc. The car has had the same owner for the last 29 years and has taken part in many international rally’s. The car is being sold including hardtop, softtop, tonneaucover, bumpers, original seats etc.



MG MGB  1972


P1040755-ps P1040756 P1040757-ps P1040758 P1040759-ps P1040760-ps P1040761-ps P1040762-ps P1040593 P1040598


Austin Healey 100/4   1954

Nice, good driving Austin Healey 100/4 BN1. This BN1 is in a good condition. The car is iceblue with a blue interior, blue mohair hood and a blue mohair tonneau cover.


P1040346-ps P1040347-ps P1040352 P1040354 P1040355-ps P1040357-ps P1040349-ps P1040359-ps P1040360 P1040363 P1040369


Morgan +4  1961

Very nice grey/black Morgan +4 in good condition. Complete with softtop, sidescreens and tonneaucover.


P1040373 P1040380 P1040381-ps P1040383-ps P1040384 P1040385 P1040387 P1040389 P1040391 P1040382-ps


Jaguar XK140 DHC   1957

Very nice XK140 DHC. The car has been imported in the Netherlands in 1999 and has had one owner since. This Jaguar is optical and technical in a very good condition. The car has a mohair hood and a mohair tonneau cover.


P1040275-ps P1040277 P1040281 P1040284-ps P1040285 P1040287 P1040288-ps P1040290 P1040292-ps P1040295 P1040296-ps P1040297 P1040299-ps P1040300-ps


Austin Healey MKIII   1964

Nice, very good driving Austin Healey MKIII with recent MOT. The car is red with a black interior. This MKIII is very Original and in a very good good condition. A lot of new parts have recently been fitted to the car, including the steeringbox, brakesystem and a reconditioned cylinderhead.


P1030914-ps P1030913-ps P1030915-ps P1030916 P1030918 P1030919-ps P1030921-ps P1030922-ps P1030924 P1030925 P1030927 P1030933



Austin Healey 100/6  1958

Very nice, good driving Austin Healey 100/6. The car has the original sidescreens, a black hood and a blue tonneau cover.


P1030564 P1030565-ps P1030566 P1030567-ps P1030574 P1030575 P1030576



Jensen Interceptor III  1975

Original Dutch one owner car with minor engine damage.


P1030559 P1030560-ps P1030561 P1030563


MGA  1959

Nice, good driving red MGA in a good condition. The car has a brown interior, black hood and black tonneau cover.


P1020843-ps P1020844-ps P1020845 P1020846 P1020848-ps


Austin Healey MKIII Ph2  1967

Nice, good driving Austin Healey with recent MOT. The car is red with a beige interior, beige hood and beige tonneau cover.




NSU RO80 1969

This car has to be restored or to be used as a donor car for the parts. It comes with German paperwork.


P1020613 P1020615P1020617P1020611