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Tri-Star Lubricating Grease

Tri-Star’s new generation polyurea has tested superior to all competitor’s leading high quality lithium complex greases. There was no comparison. Tri-Star was the clear winner in all four important lab tests;
4-Ball E.P. Performance, Timken OK Load, Wheel Bearing Life Test, and Copper Strip Tarnish Test. Compared with lithium and lithium complexes, Tri-Star polyurea grease lasts twice as long at high temperatures, performs better at low temperatures, resists water more effectively, and provides excellent shear stability. Tri-Star EP Grease has earned a GC-LB Rating–the highest performance rating issued by the National Lubricating Grease Institute! With our superior shear stability, you can use it in your centralized lube system (even if exposed to very cold temperatures (-37°C)) and count on outstanding performance.

– Many times the life of ordinary lithium or lithium complex greases .
– Excellent extreme pressure capabilities.
– High drop point.
– Excellent rust protection.
– Environmentally friendly (free of heavy metals and chlorine).
– Excellent water resistance (better than lithium greases).
– Excellent low temperature properties.
– The most compatible grease on the market today.
– Mixable with all conventional greases

All chassis lubrication and wheel bearing applications, fifth wheel, high speed bearings, conveyors, crushers, mechanical presses, ball & U-joints, king pins, to name a few. Tri-Star EP Grease has proven to meet or exceed the performance of other conventional and specialty greases. Recommended for “sealed for life” applications.